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There are plenty of diseases that are cropping up in today’s world. Living with any disease is a difficult job. This is worse in case of somebody suffering from an STD. The world and society might never be the same once you know how your life is changing. You will slowly witness people changing around you. You will suddenly be living in a different world and you’ll sometimes feel that this is an unknown place. But trust us when we say this, it is not that difficult. Life with an STD might not be that difficult. It all depends on the perspective of the individual.

At this juncture there might be various questions coming up. Hiding from them will be the single-most inappropriate thing in this situation. Instead, we should face these boldly. Let us talk in detail about this.

STD dating life

How do I tell my partner?

This is the most important and pertinent question here. It is true that people might react differently to this piece of news. While it is hard to take and some might have extreme behaviors, others might not even bat an eyelid. The best option here is to ease the situation and allow your partner some time to let it sink it. Acceptance is only a concept that grows with time.

Choosing the correct time:

Make sure you select an appropriate time to break in the news. Irrespective of how your partner behaves, this might be a little hard to sink in. Choose a neutral setting when both of you are relaxed and there aren’t any distractions.


This is a must while sharing such a piece of news with your partner. Maintaining confidence is rather important. It is essential that you remain calm during these moments because if you are nervous and are fretting, it might have a negative impact on your partner. This is some personal information that you want to share with him or her.

Be flexible:

In this situation, it is not appropriate to be pressurizing your partner. It is his or her choice. You can expect him to be supportive but you cannot force your opinion on him. This is required in living with an STD or dating an STD.

Give it time:

Time can heal most things. Even if it is difficult in the beginning to accept things, giving it sometime might be able to bring in the changes. Give your partner ample time to let the news sink in.

Dating with an STD is not as difficult as it sounds. However, for this, getting full support from your partner is of the essence. This can be a huge boost. This might prove to be rather helpful even during the times you would be receiving treatment. With your partner’s support, this becomes a lot easier.

However, the situation can be only best gauged by the people who are suffering themselves. There might be some other doubts and fears in your mind.

What if I don’t feel comfortable sharing this piece of news with whom I had unprotected sex?

This is an entirely valid point. This would mean that somebody else’s health is at danger along with yours. Breaking this piece of news is important, but difficult. But it is essential that you tell your partners of the risk they are facing. This does not only mean the person you are seeing right now; this also involves people you have been involved with before. Dating with STD is tough. But you have to make the first step towards making the others involved, aware of the situation.

The best way for dealing with this is confronting all the people involved. Choose an appropriate moment and place to share this news. Be calm because you might get varying reactions.

However, there are some other options available to you. Sometimes, it might be absolutely impossible to reveal the truth. To help you in the process, you can seek help from the right places. There are a lot of public health clinics in which there are these facilities where you can go for help. There are trained health workers here who will come to your rescue and notify your partners, present and of the past of their proximity and possible exposure to STD. The best part about this is that they will not even identify you to your partners.

These local testing and notification services can be of great help in moments of distress. So, do not worry in these situations. There is some facility or the other that will help you.

Some tips for living with an STD

Acceptance: There is no good that can come from running away from facts. Acceptance will take time and thereby it will help you treat the disease and try to being back normalcy in your life. This is the first step and taking the leap is important.

Disclosure: After acceptance comes disclosure. Sharing this piece of news with friends and family will be essential in coming to terms with this issue. You will sometimes be amazed at the support you get from your loved ones on being made aware of this situation.

Treatment: Treatment is essential but this can come into the context only when you come to terms with the situation. There are health services available that will take you through the process and guide you in it.

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