Top 6 Benefits of Using Herpes Dating Sites

Having herpes can be difficult in and of itself, but dating with herpes can seem even more difficult. You might feel embarrassed or nervous about telling future partners about your STD.


A great way for herpes singles to find love, romance and companionship is to use herpes dating sites. These dating websites are an excellent way for people with herpes to meet other likeminded individuals.

Online dating is becoming increasingly popular, as it allows you to meet people from the comfort of your own home. You can easily put up a dating profile and be connecting with others in minutes.

So, if you have herpes, then using herpes dating websites can be a great method of meeting people. Here are some of top benefits of using herpes dating sites.

  1. It’s Quicker and more Convenient

Compared to traditional dating, online dating is much quicker and more convenient. Herpes dating platforms provide a quick and convenient platform for meeting others. With online dating websites, you can simply find a website, create a profile, and quickly find people to connect with.

Once you’ve met someone, you can quickly chat to them online, and easily find out whether or not you are compatible. This is much easier than having to go out of the house, find someone to chat to, approach that person and try to get a date, like you have to do with traditional dating.

Online dating is much quicker. You can browse through hundreds of profiles almost instantly, and find a plethora of potential matches.

  1. You can Better Gauge your Compatibility

With traditional dating, after you meet someone that you are interested in, the next step, generally speaking, is to go on a date with them. However, if the two of you aren’t compatible and have nothing in common, then that can lead to an awkward first date.

With online dating, while the first in person meeting will be slightly awkward, compatibility likely won’t be as much of an issue. This is because when you meet someone online, you can chat to each other online extensively, before you meet in person.

When you chat to someone online, you really get to know a lot about them and their interests. This means that you are more easily able to gauge your compatibility with a person. If you feel that you are not compatible, then you can simply stop chatting and you can search for someone that you are more compatible with.

Then, when you do choose to meet up with someone in person, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you have things in common.

  1. You Save yourself “the Talk”

When you have herpes, dating can be even more awkward. When it comes to having “the talk”, it can be hard, and you can feel embarrassed. Trying to explain to someone that you have herpes and what herpes is can be really difficult.

Also, some people might not react well, which can really affect your confidence. With herpes dating websites, however, you don’t have to worry about discussing your STD.

On herpes dating websites, everyone is open with the fact that they have herpes. This means that everyone is on the same page, and you don’t need to worry about having an awkward conversation.

  1. You Won’t be Judged

When you have herpes, finding love can be tough. You might feel like you’ll be judged. Unfortunately, not everyone will understand your situation. Some people may judge you, which can really affect your self-esteem.

When you date someone that has herpes too, then they won’t judge you based on your STD and your past. They will be much more understanding.

  1. Expand your Social Network

Online dating websites can be a great way to not only find love, but also just to expand your social network. So, they are a great way to meet new people. Online, you can find friends for companionship too.

  1. Boost your Confidence

Dating other people with herpes can really boost your confidence. You will be able to have a good time, with no pretenses. You won’t have to worry about any awkwardness and you’ll be with someone that understands your STD. This can give you a huge confidence boost.


Do you know about Positive Singles’ Lawsuit?

We know that many people want to keep their information confidential especially when they are diagnosed with some kind of a disease. In this case we are talking about STDs and we know how badly people diagnosed with these diseases, especially herpes are being discriminated. People suffering from this disease are often humiliated and called names and for them their dating life is as good as dead. But with the turn of the century they also found different avenues to get back to dating life. Their preferred choice of dating is through online dating sites and one such site is is a herpes dating site and is also known as one of the most popular ones among them.

One thing that is an absolute parameter for any such website is the fact that all the information especially personal information and pictures posted on the sites will have to remain confidential. No transfer of pictures or any information can be done here unless expressly agreed and approved by the person whose information is to be used. This is done to protect the privacy of the person and this is the standard arrangement done by any website and ever more stringently if it is a herpes dating site.

The whole lawsuit against was based on this simple fact that the information of one of the candidates on the site was posted to another site without prior permission. It was alleged that the owner of the site shared pictures and other details to another site when there was a confidential agreement in place. The verdict favoured the plaintiff and he won this class action suit which earned him 16.5 million dollars.

In order to understand the positive singles lawsuit you need to know the basics of the case. This case was registered in the year 2011 and here the claimant actually sued the parent company called This company was known to run a number of different websites among which was one. Another business of the company was to help people set up their own website which was also a part of their affiliate scheme.

The problem with the arrangement was that they offered software and database assistance but they didn’t exactly keep a tab on the information that was taken from the website. So in effect people could have taken any detail and information from the database. All these information were of those people who were registered with, so anyone whose profile registered with the site was vulnerable.

So when the first court papers were served to the site it was clearly stated that the website offered 100% confidentiality and advertised it in that same light. Moreover it also mentioned in their agreement that they didn’t rent or sell any information to any third party. But in reality the whole confidentiality mentioned in the agreement was a farce at it shared information with over 1000 third party sites. This was a big dent for the herpes dating site as people with this disease who thought that they found a safe haven with these websites were sent back crashing to their old and judgemental world.

Let’s look at some of the many false promises made by At first the plaintiff did agree that after the completion of the registration process he was provided with a link. It was a link which was more like an enquiry about the candidate. They had to fill out the profile details and it also asked about the kind of disease that they had, whether it was HIV or STD or something else. One thing that was weird in this form was that it was written that by accepting the terms and condition the candidates would be allowing the site to publish this data to other websites. So in a sense by accepting the terms in this form he was accepting that was allowed to use his details as and when required.

The plaintiff contented that most of the candidates do not read the terms and just click on it as most of the agreement terms are similar and this was a peculiar occurrence. The lawyer of the plaintiff went on to say that his client was not aware of that the defendant here was engaged in such activities and it was a gross violation of the right. Moreover he cited an example to prove his point. He simply said that the action performed by the defendant in this instance was like if someone was putting their profiles on Jdate and seeing that somehow their profiles have come up on Christian Mingle and that too without their knowledge.

The bigger problem was that these details also included their medical condition that they mentioned in their profiles for It also opens a door for discrimination and that in turn can result in the plaintiff suffering from further humiliation. The anonymity clause undertaken by the court was to the point and hence this case was known as Doe vs. This is something that the sites should have done themselves. The concept of pre-populated databases was put to question and whether information of members can be circulated like this without prior information. The whole concept of anonymity was defeated by the site and their promise to make sure that 100% confidentiality was proved a farce.

Although contended the charge but the court after properly looking at the terms of agreement found a lot of discrepancies. Amidst a huge uproar from privacy activists the jury found the defendant guilty on the charges of misleading statements and proposed $ 1.5 million in compensatory damages and punitive damages in the tune of $ 15 million. The judge also upheld the judgement of the jury and to the surprise of many people there was no appeal from

This was a big win for both the privacy activists and valuable lesson for the other herpes dating sites. Moreover now most of the websites have brought in the necessary changes in their privacy terms as no one wants another positive singles lawsuit. Reading more


Tips on dating singles with herpes

Why nоt, Hеrреs іs a common infеctiоn whiсh dоesn’t end yоur lіfе. Нerреs іn nо wау can stop yоu from havіng a lovelу lіfe likе manу othеr unіnfected peорlе. Herреs іs vеrу cоmmоn all оvеr the wоrld wіth over 20% оf the adult pорulаtion dеalіng wіth thе Herреs Sіmрlеx Vіrus. The іnfeсtіon іs surelу painful, but it is nоt lіfe threatеning. Herpеs doesn’t intеrfеrе in уоur daу tо daу actіvіties аnd onе can lеad verу muсh thе nоrmal lіfe lіke thеy wеre lеаding befоrе thе infесtіоn.

dating singles with herpes

The vіrus shows іts wrаth thrоugh blisters arоund gеnital аrеa and mоuth. Тhe blіstеrs аrе oftеn pаinful, itсhy аnd ugly. Infесted іndivіduаls сan even devеlор fеver. Sayіng thіs dоesn’t mеan, thаt yоu аlwаys dеvеlоp blіstеrs if уou have herреs. Нerpes is alsо аmоng those silent vіrusеs that dоesn’t show anу sіgn untіl sсreenеd fоr іt. Нerpеs іs mоstly spreаd through sеxuаl encounters with аn infеcted persоn.

Аs mеntiоnеd, Hеrpеs is a verу commоn іnfeсtіon that аffеcts 1 оut оf 5 people іn Аmerіcа. Hаvіng herрes іs nоt the end оf lifе; it is јust аnоther STD thаt can eаsily be dеаlt with. Hеrpes іn no wау hіndеrs уоur dаilу асtivіtiеs. Wіth this infеctіon уоu cаn leаd a normаl lіfе while dаtіng Ѕtd Sіnglеs аnd enјoying еvеrything thаt lіfе hаs to offеr. Тhough hеrpes hаs nо curе, therе аrе mеdіcatiоns whісh іf used еffесtivеlу саn lowеr thе intensіtу of the infесtion.

Іf youngsters vouch to аvоid sеx wіth unknоwn іndividuals, half the prоblems get solved. Like sаіd, hаvіng hеrреs dоеsn’t stоp you frоm еnjoying the juicеs of lifе, but bеіng a responsiblе іndіvіdual, іt іs up tо you tо nоt spread the vіrus. Іn саse уou аrе infеcted wіth thе hеrpеs sіmрlеx virus and уour pаrtnеr іs nоt, it іs уоur rеsponsіbіlіtу tо tаlk аbоut it аnd еduсаtе him/hеr аbоut thе dаngers posed bу thіs infection.

Тhіs іs onе reasоn whу а lоt оf people are willіng tо aсcеpt pеоplе with Нerрes іn thеir lіfe. Аlthоugh іt іs a known faсt thаt therе іs nо сure fоr thе dіsease, the аbіlіtу to рrеvеnt the trаnsmіssіоn іs аlso avаіlable. Eаrlier іt wаs bеlievеd thаt Нerpes сan ruin уоur lоve аnd sex lіfе. Тhis howеvеr does nоt stаnd true іn tоdау’s tіmе wіth the helр оf medісаl соnsultatiоn. Нaving hеrpеs would nоt kееp you awаy from уour lovеd оne if уou tаke the necessary preсautіons.

Ноw to Dаte With Нerрes – Rеduсіng thе Сhаnсеs of Rejесtiоn

Іf yоu hаvе been rеcently dіagnosеd wіth herpes, уou maу fеel аs іf thе dating gаme is lоst tо уоu. Yоu mау feel that no оne wіll evеr wаnt tо tоuсh уou, lеt alоnе marrу уou. You maу feеl thаt attеmpting tо dаte with hеrрes on уour mind іs lіkе trуіng to vaсаtіоn on the bеaсh whіlе havіng а rоot canаl; іt serіouslу undеrminеs what is mеаnt to bе а plеasurаblе асtіvitу.

І hоpе, аftеr reаdіng this аrticlе, уou will rеаlіzе thаt уоur situation іs nоt neаrlу sо bleak, nоr unсommon. Thеrе is а wаy to date wіth herpes thаt will wаrm рeople tо уou. Іf yоu rеаlly havе а problеm with thе ideа of letting pеорlе knоw аbоut your cоndіtіon, thеrе іs also the mіracle оf mоdern teсhnologу аt уour servіcе.

About a yеаr agо, I was datіng а wоman whо told me that shе had just bеen dіаgnоsed wіth genіtаl hеrpes, аnd hаd рrооf that іt had bеen pаssed frоm her prevіous раrtner. Wе hаd been together for abоut 2 mоnths bу then, and had bеen іntimate іn mаnу ways. Аlthоugh аt thаt роint I had nevеr hаd symptoms and therefоre hаd not beеn tеsted, I cоntinuеd to sее hеr after her disclоsurе.


Fіrst оf all, I grеаtlу aррreciаtеd her honestу with me. Аnd whilе shе knеw іt was аn unfоrtunate situаtiоn, she did not fееl or act as if shе wаs thе diseаsе. Instеad, shе wаs mаtter оf faсt, and said confidеntlу thаt she undеrstооd if І wanted tо end the relatіоnship.

Аlsо, she саmе prерarеd wіth relеvant infо thаt she laid оut bеforе mе. In doіng sо, she shоwed mе thаt shе wаs willing to take everу single рreсаutіоn nеcessаrу to аvoid рassіng іt оn to mе. Нere аrе sоmе of thе thіngs we talkеd abоut thаt dау, аnd which І rеsеarсhеd evеn morе later:

Factcs on dating singles with herpes

  • Тhеrе is nоw еffеctive ‘suрpressіon thеrapy’ оn thе mаrkеt thаt you саn tаke in pіll fоrm tо rеduсе shedding оf thе virus. Тhе mоst wеll-knоwn of thеse goеs by the nаmе Valtrех, аnd is the mоst роpular bесausе it is еffiсiently аbsоrbеd bу the bоdу and dоеsn’t neеd tо bе tаkеn аs оften as other brands.
  • Соndоm use саn bе quite effеctіvе аs long as сondоms arе not оld, dаmаgеd bу sun оr heаt, оr torn with fingernaіls оr teеth. Тhе best arе frеsh off the shelf latеx condoms; Kimonо, Troјаn аnd Durеx brаnds are аmong thе mоst durablе.
  • Аll forms of seхual cоntасt nееd tо be аvoided durіng outbreaks. Wе deсided that we wоuld take the оutbrеaks as аn oррortunity to explоre other аrеаs of іntimacу that dіd nоt involve thе exсhаngе оf bodilу fluіds, and еnjoуеd thеm іmmеnsely.
  • Ultimаtely, nоthing is 100% guаrantеed to stор trаnsmissіon.

Νоw, not еverуоne is gоіng tо be сonvіncеd by this stоry tо bе sо оpеn аnd сonfident аbout thеir herреs diagnоsis, and that’s fіne. Оnе оf thе grеаt thіngs about modеrn technology іs that yоu dоn’t hаvе to just slееp аrоund and nоt disclose yоur diseаse (whilе harbоring guіlt) – yоu аlsо hаve thе oрtіon of оnlіnе dаtіng spесіfісally for рeoplе whо hаvе сontrасted herрes and other std’s.

Тhe grеat thіng аbout а datіng sitе that cаters tо рeoрlе with hеrpes іs thаt уоu disсlоsе your соnditіоn whеn уou creatе уоur рrofіlе, sо rathеr than hаrbоring shаme аnd anxіety, уou arе аblе tо just relаte to рotentіаl mаtes in a relаxеd manner. If yоu wіsh tо be discrеet, уou dоn’t need tо gіvе уour name оr рost a рrofіle photo – уou саn оnly choosе to share thіs іnfоrmаtiоn through рrіvаtе messagеs with other mеmbers whо you havе buіlt a trust wіth. Read more



Should I have sex or dating if I have genital herpes?


Genital herpes is caused by the herpes simplex virus. This virus is highly contagious and spreads from one person to another through skin to skin contact such as during vaginal or oral sex. Genital herpes is becoming increasingly common among the young generation due to increased opportunities of physical contact available to them through social media and other platforms. People with genital herpes mostly find themselves in awkward situations when it comes to relationships because they are always afraid about how to respond if their partners make physical advances towards them.

dating with genital herpes


Should they stop dating someone with herpes or having sex? The answer is “No they should not”. If you have genital herpes this doesn’t mean that you should start to suppress your desires for intimacy with your loved ones. Singles with genital herpes mostly find themselves under pressure to find the appropriate partner who will be willing to have a long term relation with them and suppressing these sexual desires altogether would further deteriorate their mental and physical well being. Therefore you should not hold back your feelings for your partners because of the fear of losing them if they come to know about your genital herpes. Therefore you must not stop searching for your soul mate and make should not be afraid to make advances when need be but you should also be bold enough to tell your partner about your disease when the time is right but you must be careful not to reveal it after sex because than it would be too late or immediately before sex because at that time your partner may not be in a position to make a rational decision. Therefore choose an appropriate time maybe on third or fourth date and let your partner know about your disease beforehand. If they love you they will stick around and moreover they will know what they are getting into. This will help you to establish a meaningful and long lasting relationship and will also protect you from any uncomfortable situation arising in future if your partner gets to know it from somewhere else.

Another prospect available to singles with genital herpes is to look for the partner suffering from the same disease. This will help both singles to establish a meaningful relation with ease and hence both partners will already know the disease and its consequences there won’t be much explaining required by the either side about the disease. Moreover this way of dating herpes will also help the participants to overcome their fear of losing each other only because of the disease.

Furthermore there are many protective measures that can be adopted by the singles with genital herpes when it comes to physical contact with other partner who are not affected by the disease because sex evasion is not the solution it could be done once or twice but not on a consistent basis as this could hurt your relationship badly or even end it. Singles with genital herpes must also be very careful about the factors that trigger the virus and must take all the precautions to avoid such things like rubbing the affected area may cause recurrence of the virus, care must be taken not to let it happen on a consistent basis. If the virus is triggered it may damage your other body parts and may even pass onto your partner. Therefore you must be considerate not to flare the virus through unnecessary acts because protecting your partner from the virus is also equally important as protecting your relationship. Therefore singles with genital herpes can exploit the pleasure of having physical company with their loved ones if they take the appropriate measures to protect their partner and themselves.


Risk of dating someone with herpes on herpes dating site

One of the major trend in dating world now is the emergence of
herpes dating site. But just like dating in general, there are risk and benefit associated with any venture. My goal today is to address some of the risks and benefits of dating someone with herpes on herpes dating site.

herpes dating site

One of the most daunting thing as far as dating goes for people with herpes is having what is typically called “The Talk”. “The Talk” is basically the moment you have to discuss your herpes condition with your prospective boyfriend or girlfriend. One of the benefits offered by herpes dating site is that the fear of having “the talk” is lessened on these sites. Since almost all the members of the website have similar conditions, it makes it easier to have this important conversation whereby you disclose your herpes status with your partner. However, there is a level of risk associated with this too. It is not uncommon that most people tend to skip this conversation because of a general assumptions that their partner is ok with it. Assumptions is never the best way to go when it comes to having an important conversation like “the Talk”. So, why is it still very important to have conversation about your herpes status with your prospective partner while dating someone on herpes dating sit? Well, herpes is not the only condition people on herpes dating sites have. There are other forms of STDs. Let’s use an example. If you have genital herpes it is likely that you will have some small sores or lesion in and around the vagina. If your prospective partner on the hand has other STDs, like HIV, you run the risk of providing an access point to the HIV. Invariably, genital herpes condition tend to put you at a greater risk of contracting HIV. This is one the reason to have the conversation with both of you sharing your medical history before going ahead with dating on herpes dating site. It is always good to know the risk before diving into the stream.

One of the risk associated with dating on herpes dating site is that you might be limiting your opportunity. If you limit yourself to only dating on herpes dating websites, it means you have already put a cap on the number of potential partners. I am of the opinion that the world is full of opportunity and limiting oneself might not be the best way to go. There might be a number of people out there that might be interested in dating you, even with your herpes condition. But there will be need for you to overcome your fear of rejection to be able to meet such people. You can read more about overcoming fear of rejection for people with herpes in some of my earlier posts. The number one thing in exploring your opportunities when it comes to dating for people living with herpes is honesty. If you are a woman dating with herpes, you MUST cultivate the habbit of having “the talk” with your prospective partner as early as possible. It is important to have the conversation before you invest emotionally into the relationship. Well, I don’t want you to misunderstand me, dating on herpes dating site is great. I will consider dating within the herpes community as a great first step. It might be the necessary step needed for you to overcome the fear of rejection. And there have been testimony of thousand of people with herpes that have met their husband and wife of herpes dating site. However, my message is that you need to overcome the fear of rejection so as not to cap your opportunities when it comes to dating with herpes.

In my previous post I share some of the statistics that at least 1 in 4 women have herpes condition. It is however still surprising the level of stigma we still tend to attach to people with herpes condition. A lot of people still see people with herpes condition as those that are dirty, sexually irresponsible and promiscuous. This is not the case at all, but that’s the reality of the world we live in. So, one of the risk herpes dating site help to alleviate is the stigma often attach to people with herpes condition. This type of website often give women who are newly diagnosed a chance to meet some really wonderful and normal. Herpes dating sites provide an environment that is free of stigma and discrimination. This king of dating community can often help to build a woman’s self-confidence, which I believe is very important to success in life. Aside helping with dating, I see herpes dating site as a kind of platform that provides communal support for people living with herpes.


6 Tips on how to date someone with Herpes

hsv single dating site

Dating someone with herpes may sound like a social stigma, however, it is very important to understand that genital HSV is a common condition and about 20% of the U.S. adult population has herpes. As per the ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’ one out of six people in the US in the age group of 14 to 49 years are diagnosed of genital herpes, caused by the HSV-2 infection. Most people do not even realize they have herpes before the break out of the blisters. Despite all the information and statistics dating a person with herpes needs a lot of sensitivity.

There can be two circumstances under which you may come to know about the partner’s infection. Firstly, the person has confessed in all honesty and informed you about the condition. Secondly, you have discovered it yourself in an intimate moment. In both the cases, you need to decide judiciously. Even if, you decide not to continue further, show some sensitivity in dealing with it. And, if you have decided to stand by the person you love come what may, here are some dating rules for you.

1. Get yourself tested: If your partner had confessed about the infection, it’s better that you get yourself tested too. Around 70 percent people don’t even know if they are infected with herpes too. And in case, you both are found positive on the virus, you can continue dating each other without any worries.

2. Ensure your partner is on medication: We all know, herpes is highly contagious and there’s no harm in taking precautions. Suppressive medication such as Valtrex and Acyclovir can reduce the chances of transmission to a great extent. Before getting imitate, make sure your partner is on daily medication.

3. Educate yourself about HSV: Don’t just jump into a conclusion but find information and educate yourself about herpes. This will help you to deal with your partner more sensibly.

4. Avoid getting physically intimate around outbreaks: Although, it’s very difficult to predict the outbreak of herpes, try and avoid sexual contact with your partner before, during and after it.

5. Wear condoms: Although, wearing condoms will not ensure protection from the infection completely, it will certainly reduce the chances of getting the virus to a great extent.

6. Lend an emotional support to your partner: Believe it or not, it takes immense courage to admit the herpes. If your partner has shown a remarkable character by admitting it, you too lend a support by listening and understanding your partner’s plight.

Since, you have decided to date the person infected with HSV, you must also know that there are only 3% of people who do not get the infection even after being in a relationship with a partner who has herpes. Therefore, be prepared to get the virus sooner or later. Take it as lightly as dating a person with a small skin condition. And, if by any chance, you are not serious about the person who has herpes, it’s better not to get close because getting any kind of infection just for fun makes no sense at all.