What is the positive step to get out of herpes?


If you have just been detected with herpes, you will see a lot of people giving you different ideas of how herpes is going to be a big problem for your dating life. But trust us on this one; this is not as difficult as it sounds. Remember one thing, it is not the end of the world and you have your life in front of you and how you deal with it is entirely your choice! The “I’m afraid that your blood work came back positive” line from the doctor is not the end for you.

But how do you deal with the whole news? We will tell you how you can make the whole process a little less difficult. How can you save and reconstruct your dating life after you are detected with herpes? Here are some do’s and don’ts that you can follow.


  • Be honest and upfront:

There is no point in hiding your situation from prospective partners. This can only make things worse for you. It is an illness and you deal with it with maturity. Hiding it and beating about the bush will not help the situation. The singles with herpes might find it difficult to confront the situation, but this is the best deal you can get here.

  • Look for likeminded individuals:

Herpes is after all, just an infection. It does not have to dictate what happens in your life. Don’t give this disease the power to control your life. The type of companion you choose might make things easier for you and herpes dating will not be the huge impossible task anymore. It might get easy for people to judge you based on this symptom. So choose your partner carefully. He or she should be more accepting of the truth.

  • Have confidence:

Have confidence in yourself that you can come out the whole process. If you are not calm during this phase of your life, you will regret it later. Yes, these are difficult times, but only your attitude can make it easier. Add to that, your partner’s support throughout this period.

  • Maintain hygiene:

If you are a genital herpes single, make sure you are thorough with matters about your hygiene. This is especially true if you have some prospective partner in mind who is willing to accept you the way things are. Go over the daily routine carefully to ensure that you are not spreading the disease.

  • Give it time:

Remember that time is a great healer. So give it some time for you and your lover to get used to the whole new situation. Don’t rush into it; it will be of no good. Let it sink in.


  • Don’t engage in unprotected sex:

This can be really detrimental for your dating life. The transmission of virus can take place when you have unprotected sex. When you’re in a relationship, sex is a part of it. But you don’t want to be spreading the virus to your prospective partner who has been nothing but supportive of you during the whole time. Make sure that you always use a condom while engaging in physical activities with your partner.

  • Don’t hide it:

Once again, your partner or your prospective partner has the right to know you in and out. So if you are a victim of a disease called herpes, do not hide it from him or her. Who knows, your partner might accept you the way you are. Also, if you hide this fact from your partner, you would be engaging in unprotected sex and end up spreading the virus. A few years down the line, you might settle down with him or her; so don’t throw what you have away with this one fact.

There are some rather popular myths about herpes that need to be cleared out here:

  • No sex, no genital herpes

Don’t live under the impression that herpes is transmitted only by vaginal sex. It can even be spread by skin-to-skin contact, oral sex, anal sex or even kissing. It is difficult to know that you have herpes unless there are visible sores on your body. Using a condom is going to reduce the chances of transmission of herpes, but it does not completely get rid of it. So make sure you are careful about this and it is clear between you and your partner.

  • I can’t have a baby

This is a concern that many women have when they are detected with herpes. But the truth is, you can safely deliver your baby even if you have herpes. But make sure that you let the healthcare facility know so that they can keep track of your symptoms. Sometimes there are the formations is nodules or sores near your vaginal area. In that case, the doctor will advise you on a caesarean section so that you don’t give the virus to your baby. Otherwise, pregnancy is not hugely affected by herpes. Being open about it to your partner and doctor can prevent your baby from getting the infection.

  • Herpes is something to be ashamed of

This is probably the worst idea that you might have when you are suffering from herpes. It is nothing to be ashamed of in the society. It is not the end of the world for you; so don’t make it seem like that. A lot of people have this infection but everyone tries to go for a happy and healthy life. So you have to put in that effort as well. Unfortunately, herpes cannot be cured, but you cannot give up on it.

We understand living with herpes might be a difficult job for you. But your attitude and approach towards it can make life simpler for you. Your dating life is still alive as long as you are open about it with your partner and do not engage in unprotected sex. There are a lot of singles with herpes; you are sure to find someone like minded for yourself.

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